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Give your business the best start with a solid brand

Not to put a damper on things but 60% of new businesses don’t go any further after 3 years. There is a myriad of reasons for this, such as finance, poor product/service offering, bad marketing, wrong price point etc…

Quick Fire Interview with Carol

We asked Carol a few Q’s about life at CreativeHutch…Read on to read her answers.

5 Reasons you need a Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is the foundation on which your brand is built. Not to be dramatic, but without a brand strategy your brand will lack substance, direction and impact…

10 simple ways to grow your email subscriber list

Grow your email subscriber list, cleanse an old one and see a better open rate with 10 simple email marketing strategies

Summer – ‘tis the season to be planning seasonal marketing?

Why we recommend thinking about Christmas in Summer.

Barcodes: The Secret to Selling Online

Why are barcodes so important to Ecommerce?

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