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5 easy but powerful SEO tips to boost your website

25 Jan 2022 by Carol Wallace

Just built an awesome website? Great. But who cares if no one sees it?

These simple SEO recommendations will help you rank well in Google, Bing, and other search engines and get your site seen by the right people in 2022.

If you want people to discover your website, search engine imitation (SEO) is a must. Leveraging SEO will help your site (hopefully!) appear on the first results page after someone keys a term into a search engine.

The following SEO tips won’t guarantee superb results placement, but they’re essential for helping search engines—and people, by extension—find your website.

Perform a site audit

  1. Find technical SEO issues and understand the way search engines explore your website better by “crawling” your website for SEO recommendations. Our favourite right now is seorch.eu
  2. Use the SEO crawler tool and it’ll give you traffic light coloured recommendations on what you can improve on.
  3. It’s free and will send you an email when it’s finished – so set it running and grab a cup of tea!

Technical Improvements

Google wants to see key three things from your website since its latest update:

  1. Website loading speed
  2. Stability
  3. Interactiveness and responsiveness

You can easily ask your developer/website hosting companies for help with the first two and it can make a big difference to your rankings.

Focus on user experience (UX)

  1. Search engines want to display websites that best serve the people who click a link.
  2. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and see if you can find what they are likely to be looking for at a glance and with just a few clicks. Add buttons, clear CTAs and update copy where required.

Mobile First

We’re all guilty of sitting at our desks when looking through the website, but this isn’t how most people will view it in 2022.

  1. Do you get the same User Experience on mobile? 
  2. Optimise FOR mobile – not as an afterthought.

On-site SEO

  1. If you’ve had your website for a few years you’ve probably been told all about link building from external sources (this is often what people think SEO is).
  2. Far more important is the content, internal link building and onsite SEO for your website.

Start there!

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