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About CreativeHutch

24 Jan 2023 by Vicky Hutchinson

We’re a brand, design and marketing agency delivering proven results as well creating beautiful branding for those who appreciate the power of good design.

What’s our Story?

We (Carol & Vicky) joined forces towards the end of 2021 with the aim of creating a full-service agency to give our clients everything they would need under one roof – from a brand and marketing perspective – to grow their business, keep their brand relevant and achieve their goals.

We knew we wanted to create a more collaborative agency that is open, guiding and strategic, where we work together with our partners to offer a range of services from developing strategies, building brands and creating standout branding for websites and printed collateral. With the added bonus of developing and managing all the promotional and marketing activity that goes with growing a business. So, basically, under that one roof we cover all our our clients needs!

London Experience. Local Approach

We are both lucky to have 20 years experience working for large agencies in London and across the globe, building brands and developing marketing strategies for different sized businesses in all markets and sectors. Together we’re excited to bring  our creativity, skills and experience back up to the North (our home town) to support local Cumbrian businesses to build strong brands, attract the right people to their business and help them to achieve their marketing goals, succeed and grow.

What’s our Vision?

We want to grow and build CreativeHutch to be a collaborative agency,  not only to deliver beautiful result-driven brand and brand activation for businesses in Cumbria and beyond, but to connect with other creatives to support each other and become stronger in our offering.  By doing this we hope to encourage the creative and local community through teaching, mentoring and collaboration.

How we can help.

  • Brand research
  • Brand workshops
  • Brand strategy, narrative and messaging
  • Identities and guidelines
  • Internal engagement
  • Packaging and POS
  • Print and publications
  • Website design & development
  • Marketing workshops
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market research
  • Digital marketing plans
  • Content creation
  • SEO

What’s next for CreativeHutch?

When it comes to working with our clients, partners and colleagues we want to continue our strong relationships and build more exciting growth and opportunity to deliver work that excels and ensure our client’s success and growth.

If you’d like help building your brand and brand identity, get in touch us at hello@creativehutch.com.

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