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Are you missing the benefits Marketing Artificial Intelligence could bring for your business?

23 May 2023 by Carol Wallace

AI is definitely the buzzword of the moment and with the recent launch of ChatGPT and other AI tools, everyone’s wondering how they can embrace and adopt it in their business.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that is used to create content in a conversational, formal or informal format. It doesn’t replace the need for a real human to add a personal tone of voice, but it’s very versatile and with the right prompts, it can save hours writing content for articles, blogs, social media and content for your website. It can even help to generate a list of new ideas whilst optimising each piece of written content for SEO and improving your search rankings.

As a content creator or a marketer, if you haven’t explored the benefits of this very clever technology, I urge you to!

Here are just some of my favourite ways that ChatGPT can help you:

  1. Write compelling social media content: With good prompts (ie as a marketing agency provide 12 social media posts for Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin on the benefits of having a marketing strategy for an SME business) It helps generate tonnes of engaging captions and posts, and can even write a list of helpful replies to comments in your inbox!
  2. Creating new content ideas! It’s brilliant for brainstorming and creating new ideas, and can even offer different angles to make your existing written content more compelling to a reader.
  3. SEO: You can use ChatGPT to write SEO-friendly headlines, meta descriptions, and introductory copy that includes relevant keywords for your niche and industry which you can add to your content and website.
  4. ChatGPT Is great for exploring popular topics or trending keywords in your niche. By asking questions it quickly gives you insights on what people are searching for, what content is currently in demand, and what keywords you should focus on for better search engine ranking.
  5. Finally my favourite! You’re bound to have some great social media posts already, but ideally, you want to turn these into longer-written blogs filed with keywords and search terms for your website or to share on LinkedIn. Look no further than ChatGPT.  Use simple prompts to ask It to expand your content to different lengths for different purposes and channels.

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