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Automation and PPC

24 Feb 2022 by Carol Wallace

Pay per click advertising is not easy.

Navigating Google’s Ad Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Extensions well is an art, a science and a leap of faith combined.

Google is the King of Search (and Advertising) thanks to its algorithm.
The code that runs behind the technology showing you things it thinks you’d like to consume is arguably the most advanced and comprehensive piece of technology ever built.

While Google has been consistently investing in improving its technology and automation, advertisers are having to improve their own speed and agility in order to compete and navigate the increasingly competitive and complex marketplace brought about by the uncertainty of the last few years.

So Google has the technology and advertisers have less time and resources…
This has been the context for Google releasing a range of campaign types which use far more automation in order to reach audiences across their channels.

Automation is unlocking growth for businesses around the world.

Google Ads’ “Performance Max” and “Smart Campaigns” are really accessible ways of starting to advertise across Search, Display, YouTube, Discover, Gmail and Maps in just a few steps.

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Handing the reins to the robots and letting them control where your content is seen allows for speedy setup and, more importantly, the opportunity to employ a Test, Learn, Scale approach to advertising.

Often the hardest thing with PPC is knowing where to start. Give Google what assets you have and an idea of what you do and what your audience looks like and they do the rest.
It’s quick, easy and can deliver great results. Minimum it gives you great data which you can refine in the future.

Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns help you increase conversions across Google’s full range of advertising channels and inventory. By simply providing conversion goals, audience signals and a number of creative assets, advertisers that use Performance Max campaigns in their accounts have seen an average increase of 13% total incremental conversions at a similar cost per action.

Performance Max is an automated campaign type, reminiscent of (but still slightly different than) a Smart campaign.

Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns are great for small businesses that don’t have a lot of time to spend learning about online marketing or managing their ads.

Starting your first Smart campaign with Google Ads is simple: set your business goals, input your budget and specify your location, then your ads are ready to launch.

Smart campaigns detect search phrases that are relevant to your business, fine-tunes your bids and shows your ads to potential customers who are searching for what you offer. Your campaign’s performance is monitored constantly, and the algorithms are always learning how to better predict which user interactions will help you achieve your business goals.

Here at CreativeHutch we can help you get started on your journey with Google Ads.
If you’ve never used the platform before, or if you’ve not given these automated Ad-Types a go, please do consider them.

Google knows how to reach people. Give them the opportunity to do it for you and see what they can do for you.

PPC automation can save time and money, but additional human intervention to monitor both cost and effectiveness is a smart move.

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