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5 Brand tips when starting out

14 Dec 2022 by Vicky Hutchinson
  1. First, it helps to understand the difference between your brand and your branding.
    Your brand
     is the ‘emotional’ element of your brand and business – It’s why people come to you for your service or to buy your products.  It’s your vision, mission, values and messaging. This is IMPORTANT to define before doing your branding.  It is your brand strategy, the foundation that will help your business grow and succeed. 

    Your branding is the ‘visual’ elements of your business – the tangible elements such as your logo, colours, typeface, photography etc. It’s the face of your business but you need to work on your brand before you start on your branding.

  2. Work out your Why.
    Apart from making a profit why did you start the business? Search ‘Simon Sinek’ online, he is great at describing the importance of your WHY and how to define it.

  3. Define your vision and your mission. 
    Your vision is your BIG Goal (your dream) This is what you are working towards and why you started your business. Your mission is your plan, the actions you will take every day today help you achieve your vision.  So we always say….Vision = Someday, Mission = Everyday.

  4. Define your values.
    Your values are so important to engaging and connecting with your clients/ customers but also internally. Having strong authentic values can help you stay on track, but also attract the RIGHT people into your business as you grow.  Make your values actionable don’t just copy another company or use words like, quality, professional, trust – these should be a given. Make your values personal and true.

  5. Define your brand personality.
    This will help you when you come to the visual elements of your brand and the tone of voice both on your marketing collateral and when you or your colleagues are speaking to clients. Take some juxtaposed words and pop yourself on the scale in between. For example are you more fun or serious, relaxed or competitive, beer or champagne, country or urban. You get the picture. You need to think of your audience and your product/service and see where it should sit on the scale of these juxtaposed words.

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