Branding Workshops

Your brand strategy is your (g)brand plan!

Unlock the power of your brand with a clear strategy. Learn how to create strong brand foundations and connect with your audience effectively.

Empower your team and elevate your brand with our
In-Person Brand Strategy workshop

Our brand strategy workshops go beyond the surface, delving deep into your brand’s core to unearth its WHY, values, and mission. This becomes a compass, guiding decisions in alignment with your brand’s vision. As a result, the impact resonates both internally, fuelling inspiration and productivity, and externally, creating an authentic, compelling brand presence that stands out in the market.

Our brand strategy workshops are bespoke to your organisation however, each one has a framework that we have developed over years of working with businesses of all sizes, on their brand to ensure nothing is missed.

Our workshops are not about starting from scratch but focus on reviewing what you have already in terms of your values, vision mission, tone of voice and brand positioning and how it aligns with your business.

Duration: 1/2 or 1 full day
Location: You’re welcome into our studio in Carlisle or we are happy to travel to you so your team feel comfortable and relaxed.

Benefits for your team and business 

  1. Empower your team by inviting them to be a part of your brand strategy workshop to reignite a passion for what they do and feel part of your mission.
  2. Build a loyal team of brand advocates who feel pride in their role, and achievements and actively want to help you achieve your vision.
  3. Create a unified culture and pave the way for your brand to become unique, stand apart from your competitors and a great place to work.


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Not ready for an in-person workshop?

Don’t worry, you can download our new DIY brand strategy kit to get you started for just £25!

We understand you may not be quite ready for an awesome workshop yet, so we’ve developed a brand strategy toolkit that will help you learn the basics of what goes into building a stand-out brand strategy for your business.

Get in touch with Vicky at vicky@creativehutch.com and kick start your brand refresh today.


Introducing Vicky, your Brand Strategist for the day:

Vicky, our brand strategist has over 20 years of experience helping SMEs and large organisations revisit their brand strategy, ensuring their vision, mission and values are aligned with their long-term business goals.

Why do I love helping clients with brand strategy?

It’s more than just logos and colour palettes (tip of the iceberg, but very important!), It’s about inspiring my clients and their teams and watching as their businesses flourish and grow. It’s about crafting something with them that has an impact on their business and also the confidence they have in themselves and their team.

I truly believe that creating a brand strategy can help a business thrive and achieve its goals and dreams. A well-crafted brand strategy isn’t just a roadmap – it’s your north star that focuses decisions, refines direction, and cultivates a sense of purpose in your business.

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