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12 Jan 2022 by Carol Wallace

Technically yes, anyone can set up an ad account in Facebook and run paid ads for their business, BUT to get the best results you need to prepare and ask answer these questions:

What is your objective? What do you want the end result to be – is it leads, sales, subscriptions or more traffic to your website?

Where will your advert take them once they clicked on it? Do you have an optimised landing page or sales funnel set up to encourage them to take action?

Do you have a pixel set up successfully to track and retarget?

And then what if you set all this up only to find your ad never leaves Facebook’s learning phase or it gets rejected – or worse still – It doesn’t result in any clicks…then what?

Yes we know all this sounds complex – that’s because it is.

Mastering Facebook ads isn’t easy. It’s a skill, honed over years of testing and spending large budgets to gain the experience and insights you need to craft the perfect ad creative that performs, converts and turns those clicks into paying customers.

Digital advertising is our thing. We have years of experience running sucessful ads for different types of businesses across different industries including e-commerce. Our team have all the skills needed to create manage, monitor and optimise high performing ads that bring results for our clients.

If you want to advertise online and want to get your business noticed by more of your ideal customers, get in touch with us.

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