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Digital Marketing

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About CreativeHutch

24 Jan 2023 by Vicky Hutchinson
Learn more about who we are, our vision for CreativeHutch and what's next for us...
Email Marketing

10 simple ways to grow your email subscriber list

22 Jun 2022 by Carol Wallace
Grow your email subscriber list, cleanse an old one and see a better open rate with 10 simple email marketing strategies

Summer – ‘tis the season to be planning seasonal marketing?

22 Jun 2022 by Henry Davenport
Why we recommend thinking about Christmas in Summer.

Barcodes: The Secret to Selling Online

20 Jun 2022 by Henry Davenport
Why are barcodes so important to Ecommerce?
Hand holding mobile connecting to internet

Social Media and SEO: Working together to boost visibility

23 May 2022 by Carol Wallace
Learn how social media strategies can help boost your SEO and content exposure on search engines.
Create an Instagram profile that converts

Does your Instagram profile build trust and convert real followers into profitable clients?

4 May 2022 by Carol Wallace
Create an Instagram profile that builds trust and converts followers into real clients and grows your business.

Do I have to change Google Analytics and what is “GA4” anyway?

4 May 2022 by Henry Davenport
Google announced that it will start sunsetting Universal Analytics from July 2023. Everyone needs to be set up on and using GA4 ASAP.
Outsourcing your marketing

Outsource your Branding and Marketing

28 Apr 2022 by Carol Wallace
Outsource your brand and marketing to reduce your overheads and support your business growth.
Social media icons

Create a content strategy to grow and engage your audience

1 Apr 2022 by Carol Wallace
Learn why creating a content strategy can help you generate tonnes of content for social media and bring results.

Meta and IOS 14

1 Apr 2022 by Henry Davenport
The Apple iOS 14 update has transformed ad campaigns on Meta. we guide you through what the problems are and how they can be combated.
PPC Automation

Automation and PPC

24 Feb 2022 by Henry Davenport
Maximise your time and resources with automated advertising.

What does your marketing data mean?

3 Feb 2022 by Henry Davenport
Don't be bamboozled by data and analytics. Find out what numbers mean and what to focus on for business growth.
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