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Client Interview – Emma Lindsay, NXT recruitment

18 Apr 2023 by Vicky Hutchinson

Guiding our clients and working together to achieve their goals are key to everything we do at CreativeHutch. We are in it for the long term as we know it can take a while to create strong foundations and develop the right strategy for growth. These things don’t happen overnight and we want to be there every step of the way to refine, define, tweak and achieve the small goals as well as the big. We asked Emma at NXT how they found working together with the CreativeHutch team and the process of rebranding their business.

What did you find most useful about the process of working together with CreativeHutch?

We really appreciate how you wanted to truly understand NXT; not just what we do and how we do it, but us as people and why our clients choose to work with us. Taking the time to come in to the office and to spend time learning about us, really gave us confidence in what you do!

What was the biggest problem that the process / new brand resolved?

Vicky, Carol, and the team gave us a complete brand refresh, and we love it! From the new logo, through to the new website, the refresh has helped us to align our brand messaging across all platforms and we have had great feedback so far!

Our website is much more user-friendly, easier to navigate and again portrays NXT much better by injecting our personality throughout the design and images used.

How has the process and collaboration helped you achieve your goals? 

I love the refreshed colour pallet, the new stylish font and more refined feel of the logo and website. We now have a website that we are proud too!

What has been the response internally and externally to the new branding and marketing collateral?

It’s been really positive, and we have had lots of great feedback! The NXT brand, the colour palette and the logo all now feel so much more like us!

What next for NXT?

World domination, with CreativeHutch as our chosen brand and marketing specialists!



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