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Client Interview – Masa Doi, Optical Revolution

23 Mar 2023 by Vicky Hutchinson

Guiding our clients and working together to achieve their goals are key to everything we do at CreativeHutch. We are in it for the long term as we know it can take a while to create strong foundations and develop the right strategy for growth. These things don’t happen overnight and we want to be there every step of the way to refine, define, tweak and achieve the small goals as well as the big. We asked Masa how he found working together and the impact having us as his team had to his business.

What did you find most useful about the process of working together with CreativeHutch?

At Optical Revolution Group, we were genuinely impressed by CreativeHutch’s holistic branding approach. Vicky, the Co-founder, demonstrated an extensive understanding of our target customer demographic and strategy. She meticulously designed our branding assets, colours, and logo usage in our creatives. Vicky also presented innovative ideas, encompassing all customer-facing and staff-utilized materials, from in-store posters and leaflets to newsletters and Welcome Pack Kits. Her ability to envision the impact of her designs on staff and customers was remarkable, as she crafted exceptional customer experiences through striking visual design, compelling copywriting, and carefully chosen materials. Moreover, Vicky’s outstanding project management skills ensured a seamless collaboration with our partners.

Another remarkable thing is that CreativeHutch has a wide network of countless suppliers (printers, mail delivery, in-store contractors) and has the skill to find the best companies from the crowd. This has been a great help in driving our business and executing marketing initiatives perfectly. While we mainly focus on branding design, working with CreativeHutch is almost like having a holistic marketing partner for the best execution.

What was the biggest challenge working together resolved?

The most significant problem that CreativeHutch helped us address was cohesively designing the customer journey and transforming the idea of the world’s most precise eye tests and lenses into specific design ideas. Vicky set her work apart by gaining a comprehensive understanding of our purpose, strategy, and target audience. She promptly grasped our and our customer’s needs, and her designs effectively conveyed the insights of our target customers. Unlike conventional design companies, CreativeHutch exceeded our expectations by delving deeper into the desires of our target customers.

How has the process and collaboration helped you achieve your goals? 

Collaborating with CreativeHutch and launching our new service in 2022 resulted in a remarkable 135% growth compared to the previous year. The new brand look facilitated the development of consistent brand equity through messaging, branding assets, and colour schemes. The new brand generated impressive results, positively impacting our staff and customers. Moreover, our clients and employees praised the new brand and messaging.

What has been the response internally and externally to the new branding and marketing collateral?

Our clients have been amazed by the new brand and messaging, and our employees have expressed admiration for the new brand world and design. They specifically commended the straightforward messaging and high-quality brand aesthetics. The newsletter, Welcome pack, and website designed by CreativeHutch, in particular, received outstanding feedback from our customers.

The new brand and messaging have been instrumental in realizing our business objectives. It has facilitated significant growth and established consistent brand equity through its messaging, branding assets, and colour schemes. Both clients and employees have warmly received the new brand and messaging.

What next for Optical Revolution?

As we move forward, our growth strategy will focus on offering distinctive frames from around the world that other opticians do not provide. We plan to refine our practice look and communication of eyewear to accomplish this, and we are confident that CreativeHutch will be a crucial partner in helping us attain this goal. It’s worth mentioning that working with CreativeHutch has been incredibly fun, their enthusiasm and dedication to our brand have made our collaboration an absolute delight.



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