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18 Jan 2022 by Vicky Hutchinson

Tell your story…

In a previous post we mentioned how important a good brand story is to creating engagement with your audience and customers.

The power of a great brand story is immeasurable, if done well they help to build recognition and strong relationships with your customers. Make it authentic to your values and by doing so you’ll build emotional engagement. Your brand story needs to be honest and consistent to enable you to effectively establish that connection with customers who are genuinely aligned with your business.

How do you write yours:

  1. Know your business – not just your product or service
  2. Know your vision – Make it clear and simple
  3. Know your audience – What are their values and needs
  4. Know your expertise – Stick to what you do best
  5. Keep it simple – Keep your story consistent through everything, don’t try to be dramatic.

Once you have your story you need to ensure your brand is aligned to your story. Review your content, your brand assets and your brand touch-points to consolidate your brand around the story.

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