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Does your Instagram profile build trust and convert real followers into profitable clients?

4 May 2022 by Carol Wallace

Instagram has quickly become the cornerstone for many businesses social media strategy, not only to drive more website traffic and generate more sales, but to build and grow a real, organic following on the platform itself. Why? Because the larger your audience grows, the more opportunities you will have to engage and nurture your relationship with them and show—through expertise and social proof—that you can help them meet their needs and solve their challenges with your products and/or services.

However, growing your following on Instagram (and other social platforms) isn’t quite as easy as it once was. Relying on tactics such as ‘following and unfollowing’ or using the top 30 most popular hashtags to reach more people and grow your following, or even creating endless trending reels, stories and live videos won’t guarantee your account will organically or fast enough to bring in the revenue you need.

With so many active competitors in your niche, all offering similar or the same products and services as you on, how do you stand out and differentiate your business to encourage new visitors to follow you and become profitable customers just from the information they find on your profile?

Here are some of our tips to creating an Instagram profile that not only showcases who you are and what you do, but stands apart from your competitors, builds trust and encourages those all important follows.

  • Profile pic: Make sure your profile photo is professional and shows your face clearly. Or choose a logo that is consistent with your brand and is easily recognisable.
  • Add a headline: This should include your company name and keyword(s) describing exactly what you do. i.e CreativeHutch | Brand & Marketing 
  • Now add your bio. This is where you can explain what you do and how you can help your audience. Why not make them a promise of what you can do. i.e Helped x number of businesses grow their instagram followers. Include an authority statement and a call to action you’d like them to take – Download, Read, Visit, Sign up, Buy, Learn more.
  • Bio link: This is where you add the link for the action you have asked them to take above. Direct them to the start of your sales funnel or directly to your website of linktr.ee account to take that action.
  • Highlights: Don’t forget about the highlights section. This is a prime place to share information about you and your business, share 5 star reviews and testimonials and other social proof to back up that you are as good as you say you and the best at what you do.
  • Check out your competitor’s profiles and see what keywords they use and the information they include and make sure you include the same.

If your Instagram profile isn’t helping to grow your followers or convert those followers to new clients or sales, get in touch and I’d be happy to help.

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