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How our Brand Strategy workshops can empower your teams whilst elevating your Brand

4 Aug 2023 by Carol Wallace

Recently we have facilitated quite a few internal, in-person, workshops within some brilliant midsize and larger organisations to define / review a company’s brand strategy.  Working together to unpick the vision, values and mission of the business. Our workshops can be transformative experiences that can have a positive impact on your internal dynamics and external brand presence.

Including core teams and inviting them to be a part of the brand strategy can ignite passion, create unity, and pave the way for a brand that is unique, engaging, strong and consistent – because everyone within your business understands the vision, mission and values and often become passionate brand advocates as they feel a pride in what they do each day to help you achieve the vision.

Our brand strategy workshops are bespoke to your organisation although each one has a loose framework that Vicky has developed over years of working with businesses on their brand to ensure nothing is missed .


“Working with Vicky we have delved so deep to truly understand our brand before starting to rationalise everything and move forward with something new and fresh.  The process has been so helpful and we have so much more confidence in our own business already – and we’re only part way through, we can’t wait to see the final rebrand! “

Georgie, Partner and architect at Harraby Green Associates (working together on name, brand strategy, branding)

Our workshops are not about starting from scratch they are about reviewing what you have now it terms of values, vision mission, tone of voice and brand positioning and how it aligns with your business.Taking a day or half a day out of your schedule as a team to work through your brand can have a valuable impact on many things such as:

1. Creating unity and inspiring passion:
Through interactive discussions, the workshop dives into the core values and mission that define your brand’s identity. As the team contribute their perspectives they tend to align their visions, which can be powerful in creating a sense of unity emerges and inspiring passion for your businesses purpose.

2. Giving clarity and understanding:
By diving deep into your company’s ‘Why’, vision and values, your team gain a clear understanding of who you are as a business and where you are headed. This type of clarity has a domino effect – from the CEO to your wider staff, everyone knows their role in the grand brand plan!

3. Helping you (and your team) to navigate challenges and make decisions:
Working together and understanding your brand strategy can empower you and your team to make strategic decisions that are aligned with your brand’s core values and long-term vision

4. Attracting not only the best but the RIGHT team

By aligning your team on your brand’s values, mission, and unique identity, you create a sense of belonging and purpose, leading to higher job satisfaction, increased engagement, and fabulous performance. This in turn can elevate and positively improve your internal culture (Your employer branding). As this grows it shows through to the outside world and can attract like-minded individuals toward your business, ensuring that the team you assemble is not just talented, but united in your vision, values and ethos of work.

5. Elevating external Connections:

Our workshops reach far beyond your office walls. As we refine your brand’s identity internally, the external world can’t help but take notice. Your consistent messaging, authentic values, and genuine enthusiasm create a brand experience that’s a true reflection of who you are.

Our brand strategy workshops go beyond the surface, delving deep into your brand’s core to unearth its WHY, values, and mission. This becomes a compass, guiding decisions in alignment with your brand’s vision. As a result, the impact resonates both internally, fuelling inspiration and productivity, and externally, creating an authentic, compelling brand presence that stands out in the market. With our brand strategy workshops, you’re not just shaping a brand – you’re building a thriving, purpose-driven organisation poised for success.

“Developing the brand strategy, going through the discovery process and finalising our values was an incredibly useful exercise. It gives you the central ethos from which everything about and all processes of the brand flow. Working through the core values informs the tone of voice, it informs the messages and anchors your brand and of course the strategy can then be developed from there. As someone who had never gone through this before it was great to have such a good team to work with and for us on all aspects of our brand”.

Julia Stone, Founder at London Stone Property investment (New athletics business – name, brand strategy, branding)

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