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Is there such a thing as having too much online social media presence?

16 Aug 2022 by Carol Wallace

It’s a digital world we’re all living in. Online, and especially on social media is where we’re all spending increasing amounts of our time (not just down to, but certainly accelerated by, the pandemic). 

For business owners and marketers, online channels offer the ability to spread the word about companies quickly and easily, often with very little impact on the bottom line. 

So we should all be taking every opportunity to show our business to the world, right?… 

Covering Your Bases

One of the best parts about social media is that there’s a platform for everyone. 

Traditionally each platform has had a specialism – YouTube for Video, Facebook and Instagram for images, Twitter for plain text – but more and more each platform is offering similar functionality. 

The difference is increasingly in the demographic of each platform’s main user-base. There are currently 17 social media platforms with a user base of at least 300 million active users, so there’s huge potential to reach big audiences across multiple platforms. This can be a great thing, particularly if you have different sides of your company you’d like to feature.

Based on the platform you choose, you can show off different facets of your company, making you look unique and diverse at the same time.But how do you know which platforms to choose?

Here’s a few stats to help you decide…

Youtube: In the UK, Youtube is well-liked by all age groups in the UK, but is most popular with millennials and Generation X. Actually the biggest users are 18 to 24-year olds.

Instagram: This platform has around 34 million users in the UK with the most popular users aged between 25 and 34 years old (31%) , followed by 18 to 24 years old. Its similar to Tik Tok promoting video and reels formats to get more visibility for your brand, products and services.

Tik Tok: Tik Tok is growing and growing fast! It’s now the 7th most used social media app in the world and the fastest growing news source among adults in the UK. Its most popular with the Gen Zers (18 to 24 years olds) followed by the millennials but the platform is gaining popularity with 8% of users ages 35-44 and 4.7% of users are over 55 years old.

Facebook:  As of June 2022, there were 55.8 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom. As of July 2021, adults aged 25 to 34 years were the largest age group, with 25.1% of total Facebook users in the UK. Women accounted for 52.5% of users, while men accounted for 47.5% of the total number of Facebook users in the UK in 2021.

Pinterest: 55% of users in the UK are aged between 18-24 but its also pretty popular with the millennium generation. Pinterest is a powerful search engine with many users using it like Google to find content so if you have new products to sell then this could well be the place for you as a whopping 77% of people find new products to purchase through this platform.

Twitter: As from 2021, 16.45 million people in the UK use twitter and 25 to 34-year-olds are the biggest Twitter users with 55% of users being men.

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/272014/global-social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-users/

Falling Through the Cracks

While the many faces of online platforms can be great for some, it’s actually a bad thing in many cases. There’s definitely pressure to be in as many places as possible in the social media stratosphere – but you can’t have eyes on everything all the time.

Spreading yourself too thin negates the core advantages of social media – a fast and easy way to communicate with your core audience. If it isn’t clear where your core audience is, how on earth do you write content that resonates with them?

The answer is you can’t.

Less is more

It’s far more valuable to utilise one social media site very well than 10 badly. Find the social media platform(s) that allows you to best demonstrate what makes you unique, reflects your brand identity and is home to your audience then attack that platform with everything you’ve got!

Looking to find out where best to position your business online or maybe you need help creating a social media strategy?


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