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Meta and IOS 14

1 Apr 2022 by Carol Wallace

Meta and iOS 14 Update Aftermath: The Issues & What To Do About Them

The Apple iOS 14 update has transformed ad campaigns on Meta and, with more platforms likely to follow suit in the name of protecting customer privacy, we guide you through what the problems are and how they can be combated…

The iOS 14 update has given its users more consumer privacy. This privacy comes at a cost to advertisers though, making tracking far more difficult. Facebook implemented a range of new measures to try and combat the tracking issues, but the latest updates resulted in imitations including:

  • Delayed reporting for pixel-based conversions.
  • Conversion modelling/estimated results.
  • Shorter attribution windows.
  • Conversion prioritisation (aggregated event measurement).
  • Smaller re-targeting audiences.
  • Fewer data breakdown options.
  • Pixel-Based Conversion Reporting is nowhere near as accurate
  • Conversion Rates Are Inconsistent
  • Campaign Budget Optimisation Is Less Reliable
  • Re-targeting Audiences Are Smaller


It’s not all doom and gloom though. Like with most things digital there are strategies you can take to mitigate some of the problems and strategies that may even work better for you in the long run…

What can be done:

Different tracking methods can be used to get more accurate reporting with varied results

Conversions API can be added and campaigns optimised to back-end events.

On-Facebook lead generation tactics can be used for more reliable results.

Audiences may be smaller but there are still things you can do to get really niche down and get in front of your audience in the right way.

Diversify targeting: Test a broad range of interest-based, lookalike, and third-party audiences. Casting the net wider gives you the best chance of finding success.

For re-targeting, leverage alternative data sources, such as:

  • First-party data (Custom audiences based on emails/phone numbers, etc.).
  • Engagement-based re-targeting (People who have interacted with your ads, etc.).
  • Video-based re-targeting (People who have watched a certain percentage of your pages video ad content).


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