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My work experience week: Harry

6 Jun 2024 by Dan McAulay

CreativeHutch welcomed Harry from Trinity School to its marketing team for the week. He did a fantastic job helping the team and learning more about marketing and design! Read about his week, in his words, below.

My time at CreativeHutch: A creative agency

I have loved the experience I was provided with. I believe Creative Hutch is the most welcoming place to do my work experience with.

Day one

My first day was composed of being shown around HutchStudios. After the guided tour, I was set the task of competitor research (I analysed all the social media accounts, the visual and language style used by local and competitors in larger cities.) This research not only helped me but the team at CreativeHutch. After having lunch, a small group of us went out to film drone footage and was giving the opportunity to fly it. I left that first day excited for what was to come.

The second day

The day started with a social audit of all CH social media channels. I analysed data to find trends of performing and underperforming reels. After nearly finishing that, I went to see the designing side of this creative agency. The talk was very insightful and gave me a good understanding of what they do. The experience was fun as I was showed how they work with businesses to design a new website and other crucial aspects that they may need help to design.

Once I had finished the social audit, I was given the task to find any old branding that needs to be updated. Once I had sent the list to Dan, Carol showed me how to use Meta Business Suite to upload social media posts at different dates and times. Overall, I scheduled 3 posts. One of them being Creative Hutch’s 3rd birthday party reel. It was a very busy day but a fun one at that.

Day three

It was meant to be for filming but unfortunately the weather didn’t allow for it. Instead, I worked on text for a client in Cockermouth for social media posts. I came up with numerous amounts of text that could be used for digital marketing that was based on different prompts. Once I had finished that, I created an email campaign for Vicky’s webinar. I created text for the email as well as the header image that would appear when someone received it. To end the day, I compiled a list of images/ videos on Canva that was to be used by a country estate client as a way of digital marketing.

My penultimate day

My day started with meeting Marketing Manager Dan in person. He is a very happy character who you will always be happy to see. (Note from Dan: Total extra brownie points Harry!)  I was then set the task of planning CreativeHutch’s birthday party. I customised banners and entrance signs that would be displayed when the date arrives. I made a list of items that may be included during the celebration. I spent most of the day designing and coming up with ideas for it. It was one most the most creative days of the week.

The final day

My final day of work experience was a good way to end the week. It started with watching a course to help develop my digital marketing knowledge and understanding. After a period, I created a 50 second reel for another client, using the Canva document I did on Wednesday, to use for promotional reasons. After finalising the reel, I finished writing my blog using SEO to allow it to reach anyone looking for designing agency.

Overall, my time here has been excellent and has allowed me to shape my future. I am ever so grateful for the amazing team here at CreativeHutch for helping me throughout my placement here. I’ve loved it!

We’ve loved having you here too Harry! You are very talented and we look forward to see how you progress in your studies and career. Keep in touch! 

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