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Lisa Walker is a Musculoskeletal Practitioner – a muscle and joint pain specialist. Lisa approached us as she wanted to build her own practice after working both in the NHS and privately for over two decades.

We spent time with Lisa to understand her goals, her values and her ideal audience. From this, we developed a brand strategy that really helped give Lisa the confidence that she could achieve the vision she has for her business.

We crafted a logo and brand identity that reflected the business – the icon is made up of the ‘L’ and ‘W’ of Lisa’s name and crafted to look like a hand – the healing hands of Lisa! We paired the logo with a simple colour palette that was friendly yet showed the seriousness that Lisa takes in ensuring her patients are in ‘good hands’.
We developed a social media strategy and content plan for the first three months of launch, taking people through to the simple website we created, and ultimately to then get in touch with Lisa. Since our work together, Lisa has had an influx of calls. We also developed a set of postcards for Lisa to send to local clients as some of her demographic are not online.

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