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Social Media and SEO: Working together to boost visibility

23 May 2022 by Carol Wallace

The debate as to whether Google directly considers social signals when determining their search rankings has raged amongst marketeers for many years (for the record we’re firmly in the yes it does camp) – the truth is it doesn’t really matter though – the indirect benefits of aligning both channels are indisputable.

Social Media for SEO

Social media plays a huge role in helping companies get their content in front of a larger audience. 

That leads to many things that benefit SEO, including: 

  • more backlinks, 
  • improved engagement signals, 
  • more SERP presence

SEO for Social Media

SEO research helps you understand your audience and the way in which they interact with your content.

That leads to a range of insights that benefit your social media, including:

  • understand what your social audience wants to read,
  • find the best performing content to put in front of your social media audience,
  • discover what information your audience is looking for from you as a business and answer that need in social posts.

More ways to work together

SEO can be slow. Search engines take their time indexing and it is incredibly rare that you publish and appear number one in the SERPs the next day. 

Social media offers two benefits to the lag of SEO:

  1. You can distribute your content instantly, getting more eyes on your content straight away (while SEO catches up) and posting on social gets content indexed quicker. It’s been proven that sharing new web pages or updated ones on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter gives Google the signal that there is a page that needs to be crawled and re-indexed. This prompt can really cut down the time to index very significantly.
  2. You can build customer loyalty in both directions. Someone finds you on social media or in the search engines that has come across your offering for the first time. If they came from search they are likely to follow you on at least one social media platform (allowing you to remarket over a long period of time) and, if they found you on social media, consumers will often search for your website online, allowing you to show them more of your website (and product offering) and helping reinforce your position in the SERPs for brand related terms too. 

Content is King

Whatever channel you’re looking at, it’s all about making engaging content for your audience. 

It leads to a cycle of reward… 

  • the more that you get found by people that are interested in your business, 
  • the more you are favoured by the algorithms that dictate where your content is found, 
  • so the more you get found by people that are interested in your business,
  • So the more you are favoured by the algorithms that dictate where your content is found…

Happy Customers = Happy Robots

😀 = 🤖

Here at CreativeHutch we help you make content that appeals to your audience, whether on social media or in the SERPs.

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