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Social SEO: Get found on social media

3 Apr 2024 by Dan McAulay

Social networks have evolved. What used to be a personalised feed of content from specific people and brands that you follow has now turned into all dynamic content powered by algorithms.

Think how often you come across ‘suggested content’ when you’re scrolling!

Major social platforms are increasingly integrating features from to traditional search engines to better align users with the content they’re seeking.

Social SEO is your golden ticket to being found when people are actively searching for content.


How do I appear higher up social media search results?

The most effective way to appear at the top of social media searches is to use a combination of strategic and technical SEO – which is much more straightforward than it might sound!

Strategic SEO looks at analysing your competitors, understanding the best keywords to go after, and the creation of engaging, optimised content.

Technical SEO is the practice of adding text-based features like captions, alt-text, and closed captions to your posts to help people browsing social platforms easily find your content.

There – easy peasy!


Strategic Social SEO tips

To think strategically about the SEO of your social media content, use the following three-step method:

  1. Competitor analysis. Take a look at competitors, and identify any content gaps that you can fill with higher-quality, more optimised (see our tips below!) content that satisfies search intent.
  2. Keyword and topic research. Use tools to understand what popular terms and untapped phrases are being used – looking at seed terms (one or two words) to long-tail keywords (such as questions), before branching out into broader, related topics.
  3. Content formatting. The final step is to transform the above into high-quality, branded content in the formats (images, videos, etc!) that are most effective.


Technical Social SEO tips

Here’s our CreativeHutch top tips for the nitty-gritty technical side of things:

  • Give your bios a makeover for SEO. Use keywords in your name, handle and bio, and include a location if possible (and relevant!)
  • Publish quality content that resonates with your existing audience. Content that receives more engagement (likes, comments, shares and clicks) is more likely to enjoy the spotlight in social search results.
  • Link your profiles. Where possible, add links to your other social profiles. For example, add links to your social media profiles on your Google My Business page.
  • Point links back to your site. While direct links to your website should not dominate your social media posts, they unquestionably play a crucial role! If it’s relevant, direct your users to your website at the end of a post by adding a link.
  • Include relevant keywords and hashtags in your captions. They might not be as effective as they once were, but it is still worth using 3-5 relevant hashtags in your posts. As well as hashtags, use keywords in the caption to help your content appear on search pages. However…
  • Be conscious of overstuffing keywords. Using keywords in your caption doesn’t mean cramming posts full of them! Instead of just stuffing your posts with keywords, consider the tone of voice in your copy. Sprinkling a few well-chosen keywords throughout your social media content can significantly amplify your message’s reach.
  • Use high quality photo and videos. This means you can benefit from visual search and get more click-throughs when people are scrolling through the results.
  • Add alt-text to images. The main purpose of alt-text is to make your images more accessible, especially to those using a screen reader. However, it also gives you another opportunity to use keywords, so the platforms know exactly what it is in your image.
  • Tag your location. Using your location means that you’re more likely to appear to local users that are searching.


Channel-specific tips

If you are using Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube or Pinterest, we have some bonus tips for you…

  • On reels and TikTok… Say the main keyword out loud in your video clip and include in-text overlay on the screen. Saying your keyword(s) out loud mean that they automatically get included in the auto-generated closed captions. A triple whammy!
  • On YouTube, use your primary keyword phrase as the video file name. For example, Social-SEO.mov
  • On YouTube, incorporate your primary keyword phrase in the title. But use a longer version that people might type into YouTube’s search bar, such as “how to get found on social media”
  • On YouTube, use keywords in the video description. Especially before the ‘read more’ button, which appears after two lines.
  • On Pinterest, create boards based on your primary keywords. When setting up your account, use your primary keywords to guide the boards you create and name them accordingly.
  • On Pinterest, use long-tail keywords in your Pin titles. Build Pins around long-tail keywords such as “How to get found on social media” rather than shorter terms like “Social SEO”.


How do I find the right keywords?

Instead of guessing keywords based on your own predictions, have a look into the actual search patterns of your audience. Some good tools to get you started are Google Analytics, Google Trends and each social network’s search bar.


Don’t forget about your audience

Last but certainly not least, engaging with your audience is another way to further boost your social SEO. Regular interaction with comments, questions, and even direct messages can signal to social platforms that your content is valuable and relevant, thereby giving it more chance to be visible in search results.

Engagement not only creates a sense of community around your brand, but can also provide insights into what your audience cares about, further guiding your content creation strategy.


There you have it!

If you follow the tactics and tips given above, you should start to see some marked improvements in the organic reach of your content, as more and more people begin to find your content and come across your business online.

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