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The Power Of Colour

22 Mar 2022 by Debbie Nixon

Your brand colours have the power to attract your client or turn them off immediately, no matter how great your message is. Colour can be pivotal to the success of your brand and plays an important part in your marketing across all channels – your website, printed materials, social media profiles etc… ensuring your colours reflect your brand consistently can be the key to better engagement and brand recognition.

Why? Because colour increases brand recognition by up to 80% Source: University of Loyola, Maryland study

Some Useful Tips

There are many articles on the phycology of colour but you can keep it simple by following our tips: 

  1. Know your audience: Don’t just choose your favourite colour as it might not appeal to your client. 
  2. Understand your brand personality: Are you calm, loud or sophisticated?
  3. Understand your brand positioning: If you are positioning yourself as luxury, then reflect that with rich colours
  4. Don’t overcomplicate it: Choose 2-3 unique colours to ensure strong brand recognition. You can always add more colours to a secondary palette for charts, call to action etc.
  5. Stay consistent: Don’t be tempted to add more colours or keep changing them, it will water down your brand and be detrimental to awareness and recognition.


Some Handy Tools

Below are some links to some great tools to help you define your brand colour palette:

A great tool to define your own palette:

If you have a colour in mind, this tool helps to find other colours to match. This is a personal fave of mine 🙂

A great article on what colours can means 

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