Brand Messaging

Finding your voice.

Your logo, visual identity and messaging should all work together to create a perception about your business.
We can help make sure it’s the right one.

Brand Positioning – Messaging

When it comes to building a brand, the way you communicate is just as important as the visual impression you make on your customers.

A strong brand message that resonates with your target audiences is the key to inspiring your audience and getting them to choose you over your competitors.

Brand messaging is about creating a clear and compelling narrative that resonates with your customers and captures the essence of your business and what it stands for.

Part of our brand positioning services, our messaging process is all about helping you define and communicate your values, to tell your brand story, be consistent and create connections with your audience.

We Define, Design & Deliver effective Brands.

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Brand Message & Story

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Who are our brand messaging services for?

Aimed at marketing managers, business owners and startups looking to re-brand and enhance their overall image we’re here to support your organisation at whatever stage your organisation is at.

Why it’s important to have brand messaging…

Every brand needs a voice.

Messaging provides the words that help customers and prospects understand a brand’s value (why it’s useful) and values (what it believes in).

It articulates the brand’s promise and stimulates desire for the products and services on offer.

What does brand messaging look like?

Mission, Vision statement, Values, Positioning statement, Value propositions, Tagline, Elevator Pitch

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What our clients say

I started working with CreativeHutch to support us through a total rebrand. I was impressed with their approach right from the start. They were able to understand our needs and the unique position the company is in as it finds its way through this period of change, wondering ‘who am I?’. Vicky is like working with a close, long-established colleague and is able to wade through various opinions to get to what matters to the company. 
Erica Bennett, Amulet Hotkey

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