Brand Naming

Finding your identity.

It’s our mission to ensure every one of our clients has a brand that has the maximum appeal and feels “right” for the organisation.
Whether it’s a new product or service, it all starts with a name.

Your Brand Name

Brand naming involves a careful blend of creativity, industry know-how and due diligence!

CreativeHutch offers a brand naming service that will help you to choose a title that works for your company and your customers.

We’ll protect you from choosing a name that your audience can’t understand or investing time and resources into a title that doesn’t translate or resonate well with people.

We can even ensure that you don’t end up falling in love with a name that’s out of your reach due to trademark restrictions.

Extensive research
Creative brainstorming
Due diligence
Effective planning

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Who are our brand naming services for?

Aimed at startups looking to start their journey with strong foundations and businesses looking to launch new products and services, we’re here to support your organisation at whatever stage your organisation is at.

Why it’s important to have a brand name…

As with your logo, your brand name is a small part of your brand as a whole but you do need to spend some time on your name. We work with you to ensure we find something distinctive, memorable, and enduring, so it resonates with your target audience and reflects your business. It should be easy to read, say and remember to help stick in the minds of your audience, build trust with your clients, and remain relevant as your company evolves.

What does brand naming look like?

Ideally, we will work with you beforehand to develop your brand strategy or we have access to the one you already have. This helps us to really understand your business, your services, brand personality, messaging and audience – all of this is important to know before deciding on a name.

We then hold a workshop with you to work through core words, names and ideas that we all feel work well and love as a name. Our job then is to work with a few favourite names and start on the due diligence to ensure these are not already taken.

We then present a few ideal names with your core message so you can see how this work together once you start marketing your business. It’s fun yet can be a little frustrating as all the names have been taken already! We just need to get creative and that’s where CreativeHutch comes in.

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Get in touch if this has given you more questions than answers.

What our clients say

Developing the brand strategy, going through the discovery process and finalising our values was an incredibly useful exercise. Working through the core values informs the messages and anchors your brand. As someone who had never gone through this before it was great to have such a good team to work with and for us on all aspects of our brand.
Julia Stone, London Stone Holdings

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