Marketing Strategy

A tailor-made road-map to online and offline marketing success.

Our marketing strategies are detailed, data and analysis based plans that help your organisation attain specific goals through carefully selected marketing channels.

A plan for success

Having a solid plan behind your marketing efforts is crucial to success.

A robust marketing strategy ensures your activities are as cohesive as possible and ensuring that every channel, campaign and pound spent is working to give you great results.

As part of our marketing strategy planning, we work with you and listen to where you want to take your business. We use this information to set the goals and KPIs of your marketing activity and use this, our expertise and industry trends/data to inform where we believe the best performance can be achieved.

Discovery & Marketing Research
Objective Setting
Competitor Analysis
Marketing Tactics
Campaign Building & Management

Why it’s important to have a marketing strategy…

Marketing results don’t just happen by chance. Creating a strategy ensures you’re targeting the right people, with relevant content that appeals to them.

Successful digital marketing is about building up a recognisable, trusted brand. It’s about consistent, regular communications that get your messages heard.

A proper plan ensures:

  • Consistency of message
  • You reach your target audience
  • ROI is maximised
  • Creative ideas have a framework


What does a marketing strategy look like?

A marketing strategy is a structured document which outlines your business’s purpose, aims and what makes it different from the rest.

It sets out who your customers are and why they engage with your products and services.

The strategy provides a clear framework for reaching this target audience, including details on planned activity and the relevant methods of communication.

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What our clients say

I worked with CreativeHutch for the branding of my new business, which I was delighted with - I knew I wanted to invest upfront and get it right from the start. I was so proud (still am!) the day I officially launched it. CreativeHutch has taken this idea that's sat in my head for so long and created it's own beautiful identity - just as I've dreamt of.
Jane McCarthy, SALT HAVEN

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