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Amulet Hotkey Brand refresh

17 Feb 2022 by Vicky Hutchinson

Welcome to the world of remote technology (some of it does go over our head – Geddit!) and next-generation digital transformation.

Amulet Hotkey came to us as they hadn’t refreshed their brand in over 20 years.  The question around their brand was prompted by an acquisition in 2019 and a clear realisation that their brand, along with the website, wasn’t reflecting the capabilities of the company.

We worked with the Amulet Hotkey marketing team to develop their brand strategy – although they have been going for 30 years this was not something they had fully embarked on.

Together, with key stakeholders, we defined their vision, personality, positioning and tone of voice. This helped us to then analyse their current branding to see what needed to be refreshed, refined and removed to ensure the visual identity reflected the business now and in the future.

We developed some concepts based on the strategy and came to the conclusion that in fact we didn’t need to develop a new logo but refresh the one they had, to build upon the brand recognition they have built over the 3 decades. We worked on a fresh font and colour palette and brought the rings into the logo but also into the brand assets as a whole – they are now used as icons and graphical devices and have also shaped the imagery style with the rounded edge.

We looked at photography and now have a style that looks and feels technology but the colours are not the usual blue tech imagery but fresh and engaging and mirrors the colours in their palette.

We designed the website, teaming up with the Amulet developers for the build and now we are working across all marketing materials on a brand rollout. We look forward to seeing this brand build and grow over the coming months.  We love it!



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