Brand Strategy

Finding your voice.

It’s our mission to ensure every one of our clients has a brand that has the maximum appeal and feels “right” for the organisation.

Your Brand Foundations

By really understanding your vision and values and aligning these with the needs of your core audience we can work together to develop the right foundations for your brand. The intangible elements that help to define your brands personality, drive awareness and over time create true brand equity.

Brand strategy: More than a logo

Your brand strategy is the foundation on which your brand is built. Without a brand strategy, your brand will lack substance, direction and impact, meaning it will take you longer to achieve your goals. This is because your message might not be clear, your branding might not be anchored to the right positioning in your market so you won’t engage or speak to the right audience and your values won’t run through everything you do.

This delivers the right results.

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Who are our brand strategy services for?

Anyone who has, or is starting up a business! We work with start-ups to help them begin in the right direction, or if you are a marketing manager with no brand messaging in place this can help. We also work with established organisations that need to revisit their brand strategy and align the vision and values with the current business and future goals.

Why it’s important to have a brand strategy…

Your Brand is essential in terms of presenting a professional image to the outside world and to helping establish credibility and trust.

By defining your brand strategy – vision, mission, values and more, you can impact perceptions of your business, creating a more positive, inspiring and engaging experience every time and with every touchpoint of your brand. You can better connect with your audience through your consistent brand visuals, cohesive messages and strong marketing campaigns, giving you better brand recognition and stronger ambassadors and loyal clients. Helping your business to grow and succeed towards your vision.

What does a brand strategy look like?

Your brand strategy starts with your WHY – Your north star. This is why your company exists outside of profits. In the brand strategy we also define your core messaging, tone of voice and brand personality, alongside the vision, mission and values.

Utilising our unique framework we conduct a thorough core analysis of all aspects of your business to develop your strategy.

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What our clients say

I started working with CreativeHutch to support us through a total rebrand. I was impressed with their approach right from the start. They were able to understand our needs and the unique position the company is in as it finds its way through this period of change, wondering ‘who am I?’. Vicky is like working with a close, long-established colleague and is able to wade through various opinions to get to what matters to the company. 
Erica Bennett, Amulet Hotkey

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