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Barcodes: The Secret to Selling Online

20 Jun 2022 by Carol Wallace

I recently had a conversation with a client who’d published his own book and was looking for advice on how he could improve sales. 

Instinctively one of the very first things I did was turn the cover over and look for a barcode. I’m ashamed (but not very) to say that I let out an audible squeal of excitement at finding a UPC!

It really got us thinking about barcodes and how, unless you were aware of their importance you might well overlook them completely, even as an ecommerce trader.

From Ecommerce to Amazon, barcodes make the sales process run more efficiently, from managing inventory to helping customers better find the items they’re looking for.

Registering a barcode for new products is pretty straightforward and there are lots of companies out there who can help you find one for just a few pence / pounds.

If you’re an ecommerce retailer who sells products from other manufacturers and have been supplied with barcodes already – all the better – you simply need to make sure the product description page includes the relevant barcode on the page in the correct field.

Why Barcodes Matter Online

We know what you’re thinking… Surely barcodes are more for physical stores and supermarkets to help you get through the tills quicker? Well no…. 

Leading online retailers (including Amazon and eBay) will hide product listings that are not identified with the proper UPC (universal product code). Amazon states clearly on its Seller Central website that it will verify that product identification numbers are authentic and linked specifically to the company selling the product – leading to more business, brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Google’s own Merchant Center has similar guidelines which offer huge real estate potential to appear in the Google Product Listings.

Key takeaway is – if you’re considering selling products in any kind of volume through ecommerce, make sure you consider barcodes in your strategy.

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