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CreativeHutch: Elite Award Winners!

22 Apr 2024 by Dan McAulay

Photo credit: Elite Business Awards Carlisle and Jenny Woolgar Photography

We’re so pleased to share that CreativeHutch was named the winner of the Best Emerging Business at the inaugural Carlisle Elite Business Awards!

Carol, Vicky and Debbie were in attendance at the glamorous awards ceremony on Friday at the Halston, where our small-but-mighty agency took home the prestigious award.

It was the inaugural year for the Elite Business Awards, in which a packed house at the Halston celebrated Carlisle’s local heroes and the best of the area’s businesses.

The emerging business category recognised businesses that have not only taken their first steps, but have demonstrated exceptional potential, growth and innovation. CreativeHutch was shortlisted alongside Pie Demand – the go to place for pies in Carlisle – and One-O-Five Precision, a precision CNC manufacturing company which is a true up-and-coming name in the Cumbrian Engineering Sector.

As the award winner was read aloud, it was CreativeHutch on the lips of the announcer.

Co-owner and Marketing Director, Carol Wallace said, “It was such an exciting honour to win the award. We’re so proud of our team, and we’re so pleased to see Carlisle getting itself on the map and becoming an established city for business. There are so many small businesses doing well and making their mark, and it was great to celebrate the awards night with so many inspiring, passionate and hard-working people.

Co-owner and Brand Strategist, Vicky Hutchinson continued, “What a fabulous night we had, celebrating alongside all the other remarkable finalists! We were overjoyed to receive the best emerging business award, which is all thanks to our fantastic team at Hutch Studios. Their passion, talent, and an occasional touch of bonkers make every day a joy. It’s been a great two years – looking forward to seeing what the next two hold.”

Founded in July 2021 by Vicky Hutchinson and Carol Wallace, CreativeHutch has quickly established itself as a leader in the creative industry. Despite being a young agency, it has experienced rapid growth outpacing the sector, a team that has doubled in size within the last year, and remains deeply involved in local community projects like Carlisle Youth Zone and Jigsaw Children’s Hospice. The co-owners are vocal supporters of young talent and women in business, engaging in mentorship and offering training through various platforms.

(Just because we’re so excited… here’s a bonus pic!)

CH Award Winners

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