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We’re joining the Carlisle Youth Zone patron family

4 Mar 2024 by Dan McAulay

CreativeHutch is becoming a patron of Carlisle Youth Zone, to help even more young people in the area.

Carol Wallace, co-founder and marketing director, said, “Vicky and I have witnessed first-hand the transformative work done by the charity, especially for those young people who perhaps have a less supportive network than some of their peers.

“We see CreativeHutch’s involvement as more than just funding, so we’ll be going in to help those interested in art, design and marketing with mentorship, offering work placements and sharing our knowledge of the creative industry.

“We want to empower young people, to see themselves as equals and be capable of setting their sights high and just going for it!”

Vicky Hutchinson, co-founder and brand strategist, added, “It’s hard for parents and families as a lot of activities for kids are really expensive and it’s often structured stuff such as sports or dance, which not every young person is interested in.

“My girls love going with their friends, they love being independent, enjoying all the fantastic activities and it’s all in a safe and secure environment. A gym, hairdressers, climbing wall, football pitches, even teaching baking – they give access to absolutely everything!

“They do really inspirational work at the youth zone and we’re really proud to be supporting them as patrons.

The new partnership with Carlisle Youth Zone marks another step in our mission to contribute positively for the area’s young people and enable successful futures in the creativity industry.

Vicky continued, “One of our main visions at the Hutch is to inspire and keep talent in Cumbria. There wasn’t anything for either of us in our field when we were younger, so we went away to London to grow our skills and knowledge, came back, and built CreativeHutch. We want people to feel that there are pathways for careers in design and creative industries right here in Cumbria, and you don’t have to leave to find them. We want to provide opportunities, and the lovely thing is there are other great creative type agencies around Cumbria doing the same.

“It’s really important for us to offer those pathways to every young person, regardless of their background.”

Carol added “We want all young people to feel they can come to CreativeHutch and gain valuable skills before venturing out and starting their own careers. It shouldn’t matter where they come from or their backgrounds, it’s about having the same equal opportunities to go on and do something they love.

The decision to become a patron was an easy one for Carol and Vicky.

“The youth zone has had over 15000 people through its doors. Not only are they giving hot meals and somewhere warm, they’re actually giving a future. The amount of young people they’re helping is amazing,” Carol continued.

Over the last decade, Carlisle Youth Zone has been a lifeline for thousands of young people, providing them with a fun, safe place to make friends, as well as guidance and support. Through initiatives like their volunteer mentoring project and support for children affected by poverty, the youth zone has been pivotal in creating a better future for Carlisle’s young people.

However, as a charity that relies on donations and receives no public funding, continued success depends on the generous support of patrons.

For more information on Carlisle Youth Zone and to become a patron, visit the Carlisle Youth Zone website, or contact emma.rogerson@carlisleyouthzone.org.

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