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What does your marketing data mean?

3 Feb 2022 by Carol Wallace

Mention data, analytics and frankly anything to do with numbers and we know 90% of the people reading are likely to have switched off… but bear with us.

Here you’ll find a super quick summary of the important metrics you’re likely to see on any kind of report, and advice on what to look for that could help you see your business grow with data driven marketing…

Important metrics

Users. A user is a unique or new visitor to the website.

Growth here is exciting (it means more people are seeing your content) but it doesn’t give you an indication of HOW they’re interacting with it. 

Bounce rate. The percentage of visitors who viewed only a single page.

Average session duration. How long on average each visitor stays on the site.

Pages per session. The average number of page views per each session.

These give you an indication of whether people are finding the info they need when they explore your content.

Goal completions. The number of times visitors complete a specified, desirable action. This is also known as a conversion.

This is how you determine the success of your activities and calculate ROAS etc.

What matters most are the conversions that generate your business money

Clicks, impressions, users, new users, engagements, sessions, bounce rate, click through rate, cost per click… they all give an impression of how your marketing activities are performing, but it’s not always easy to decipher trends or performance from this jumble of numbers.

Do you have goals and events tracked? If the answer is no (then you’re definitely not alone, but…) you should implement them as soon as possible.

CONVERSIONS are what matters. Your goals should be measurable against what brings in money to your business, be it sales, leads, bookings or enquiries.


Need help setting up goals or deciphering the data you already have?

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