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Why does GOOD design matter?

1 Apr 2022 by Vicky Hutchinson
Companies with a strong design outperform companies with weak design by 219% (ADOBE)

Big stats there from Adobe but why should good design matter? Good design is aimed at the final user, your clients/customers. It ensures your company is professional, distinctive, trusted and relevant. 
It has to be functional. As much as we like to craft beautifully designed collateral we have to ensure it works hard to achieve the right results, not just be all sparkles and jazz hands.

Why is important?

  • A professional, cohesive and well thought out piece of design = trust – it creates trust for your potential customers when they see an ad or go to your website.
  • It helps to gain value perception of your service/product – when people see your brand or marketing collateral they will have an idea of the value you are offering.
  • It instils confidence – Good design, psychologically, brings you confidence and gives you authority.
  • It can enhance employee engagement – Good design empowers people, inspires your team and can make employees feel proud to work for your company.
  • It can do a lot to improve your marketing, it does more than just help your content stand out and look good. The RIGHT design can help influence more conversions and, ultimately, attract potential customers.

What is good design?

Good design comes from understanding your client/customer, creating a good strategy – consistency through everything, not just the logo and aesthetics – from your brand story, tone of voice, digital content to overall ethos.

Good design is simple and consistent.

What does good design achieve?

  1. A good first impression:
First impressions count – 2.6 seconds is all it takes for users to make the first conscious impression of your website. 94% of the first impressions on a website are based on its visuals and design. This goes for any of your marketing assets on and offline. People are quick to judge, if you don’t look consistent you won’t be deemed trustworthy or reliable.
  2. Brand recognition:
By having a plan and being consistent with your messaging, colours, logo etc people start to recognise your brand without the need for shouting about who you are. This takes a little time so you must be consistent – this can feel boring but it can be detrimental to brand recognition if you keep changing the colours, your tone of voice or message. Your company needs to be recognisable so people think of your business first when they have a need in your field.
  3. Emotional connection:
This is key to people taking that step to purchase your product or service. By telling your story and engaging your clients on a journey you start to create a connection with them, this builds trust and over time they become ambassadors of your brand and business. Telling your story through your messaging and visual identity will create those connections over a shorter period of time but create long-lasting relationships – Key to growing your business.
  4. Drives conversion:
This is the ultimate goal for you to achieve success. Inviting your clients or customers to use your product or service rather than your competitor. The use of good design can influence these conversions and will do wonders in improving ROI.  The design is what we discussed above, getting an emotional response from your customer and creating brand loyalty.  
Good design helps all of your marketing campaigns to stand out and attract the RIGHT people – what your customer can see is all dependent on the design that you create.  Simple.

Remember, good design is not all about the visual and making it all look pretty, it also encompasses your messaging, tone of voice and thinks about your end goal. It needs to be simple, consistent and practical. Leave the sparkles for Christmas.

Takeaway: Don’t underestimate the value of good design!

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