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Is your brand a unicorn or a chameleon, or both?

12 Apr 2023 by Vicky Hutchinson

The market is saturated with so many brands vying for the same space, so you need to be a unicorn and not a chameleon, right?

Well mostly — yes, you need to stand out from the crowd, and you need your business to shine like a magical beacon to all those lovely clients that will help your business to grow. However, a little bit of chameleon with that magical unicorn shiny-ness will help you to create much a stronger, much more adaptive brand as your business grows, introduces new products or services and engages more customers.

When we say chameleon, we don’t mean to blend in and become invisible — that would be silly. We mean you need to be adaptive, to appeal to your growing audience who may have the same challenges and needs but slightly different perceptions or viewpoints. To do this properly, you need to have solid foundations in place — these should be the unicorn. These are what makes your brand stand out and should never change — like a chameleon. Although it adapts to its surrounding, it always stays a chameleon!

So how do you get the right balance to ensure you have that adaptive stand-out brand? Ask yourself these five questions…

1. What’s the purpose of my brand? This will help you better reach your target audience and stand out in the crowd?.

2. Do I know my audience? Consider why they buy into your brand instead of others. What are their values and challenges?

3. Does my brand reflect my business today? You may need a brand audit to see how your brand is growing with your business.

4. Is my brand a thought-leader? If you are seen as a leader and expert in your industry, this helps to boost your credibility and your customers’ trust.

5. How am I marketing my business? This can have a huge impact on growth. You need to tell the right story with a strong message that can adapt for different platforms and services.

If you have the above defined, you can keep your core message and brand consistent, yet adapt the marketing to your audience in a way that allows them to see the elements of your brand that speak to them. So you’re still a unicorn, but a changing colour unicorn! 🦄

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